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Dec 28, The placard at the interview table identifying Alabama's coach was unnecessary, because his gestures did the trick. There was the familiar. Aug 4, NORTH TOPSAIL ISLAND - It was a sad ending for animal rescue workers and volunteers who spent hours Friday morning trying to save a. Dec 16, NEW JERSEY - The annual dolphin hunt in the town of Taiji, Wakayama hunt is contrary to international law have so far been unsuccessful.

Oct 18, The dolphins struggled to escape, but were unsuccessful — the fishermen ended up driving them into the notorious “killing” cove in Taiji, Japan. Jun 2, Solomon Islands fisheries officials are again at loggerheads with local fishermen who captured and herded a school of dolphins to the shores. The dolphins affect the fisheries by damaging gear, taking caught fish, and are Attempts to kill dolphin schools by the driving method were unsuccessful.

Sep 29, DESPITE the best efforts of rescuers, a female Risso's dolphin, that stranded itself in shallow water off Macauley's Headland at Coffs Harbour.

4 days ago A grieving dolphin in the Bay of Islands should be left alone, says Doc. to establish when the dolphin was last seen, were unsuccessful.

The viscoelastic properties of "live" dolphin blubber have been determined, from a stranded dolphin for which rescue efforts failed, of excised blubber vs. time . May 25, Hana, one of two Pacific white-sided dolphins kept at the Vancouver Aquarium, has died after undergoing emergency surgery for a. Nephrolithiasis has been documented in bottlenose dolphins and can lead to urinary obstruction and renal failure A year-old male Atlantic bottlenose.

Dec 12, Japanese law categorizes dolphins as fish, not mammals. Taiji dolphin hunt is contrary to international law have so far been unsuccessful.

"Unsuccessful" responses represent chance or near-chance performance to the test patterns. There were no real intergrades. The dolphin either "passed" the. Although severely injured, the dolphin still managed to perform dives. After many unsuccessful trials, our researchers had to head home as the night approached. status: local 1/10 remote 0/20 delivery 1: failure: Sorry, _no_mailbox_here_by_that_name._(#)/ status: local 0/10 remote 0/

Aug 4, Mavis the dolphin's stillborn calf was a crushing blow for the West Streak of unsuccessful dolphin births continues at West Edmonton Mall. Apr 29, Ed Annunziata, the man who made Ecco the Dolphin, has been unsuccessful on Kickstarter. He had hoped to raise $ to fund his new. Aug 8, The Yangtze River dolphin is driven to extinction by humans. The researchers and their instruments failed to see or hear any evidence that.

A year-old female bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) became acutely The animal ultimately developed respiratory failure and died on day

Sep 19, The bottlenose dolphin's propensity for cooperative behaviour . was unsuccessful for three trials in a row with one dolphin as target, the other.

WWF tags river dolphins in Bolivia, Brazil, and Colombia to learn more about the Many casts were unsuccessful and the team had to bring the net back to the.

Jan 3, “On arrival at Kabeljous Beach we found a meter striped dolphin the public to try to refloat the dolphin were unsuccessful,” he described.

Nov 28, But others, such as behaviorist Clive D.L. Wynne of the University of Florida, dismissed the study as one more unsuccessful effort to bestow.

Nov 23, The onside kick was unsuccessful in that the Dolphins didn't recover, but it was totally successful in the fact that I now love Caleb Sturgis with.

The first sign that something was amiss was the failure of the Shiva to make radio contact at the prescribed time. Subsequent attempts to hail her had also been.

Jan 11, DAVIE--After four years of patience, the Dolphins might finally be Dion Jordan's unsuccessful run with the Dolphins might be over soon.

Jan 3, The NSRI was called to the scene after efforts by the members of the public to refloat the m dolphin had been unsuccessful. "NSRI Jeffreys.

Intimate swimming with dolphins cruise in the warm waters of the Bay of Islands. Join our expert local crew and get up close to wild dolphins and whales with. Jan 9, Russ Rector, a dogged defender of Florida Keys dolphins and all ocean including an un-permitted and unsuccessful dolphin release, and. Feb 26, Few captive whales and dolphins have been returned to the wild after . proven a failure and is almost as cruel as leaving them penned up.

Nov 8, Four dolphins that ventured too close to the shores along the White Sand Several unsuccessful attempts were made to re-float the animal that.

attended a dead female Pacific striped dolphin, Lagenorhynchus obliquidens . two occasions he made unsuccessful attempts to take it by the snout. He also. May 23, A dolphin at SeaWorld's Aquatica park in Orlando delivered a calf Ringer previously had four unsuccessful pregnancies and had been on. Nov 8, Dolphin stranding in St Thomas 'very rare, unfortunate' — NEPA “Several unsuccessful attempts were made to re-float the animal that was.

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