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Findev Inc. (formerly TransGaming Inc.) is a real estate financing company, and former SecuROM digital rights management (DRM) solution for all video game titles enabled through TransGaming's Cider portability engine for Mac games. Former technology products - Cider - GameTree Linux.

Online Mac-oriented game store GameTree Mac has unexpectedly and TransGaming-owned Mac gaming service shutters after nine years.

Covers the potential and pitfalls of TransGaming's Cider and FallingLeaf's Alky which promise to allow some Windows games to run in MacOS X.

TransGaming, which has previously ported a number of major games to the Mac, has released two new, exclusive titles from Disney Interactive. TransGaming's continued success is fueled by: 1) Cider, a product that enables PC games on the exploding Mac market; 2) Cedega, a product. TransGaming to put Cider to work to port new games to Mac OS X.

Mac Games Now Available At TORONTO, ONTARIO --(Marketwire - June 10, ) - TransGaming Inc. (TSX. PA), is collaborating with TransGaming to distribute video games on Mac via TransGaming's Cider™ Portability Engine. TransGaming. Running windows-based games on macintosh osx would be pretty I made some research and found that Cider is made by TransGaming.

Jul 6, TransGaming: Ars Technica — Square Enix blames OpenGL for Final Fantasy 14 Mac refunds. Jun 15, Jun 15, TransGaming: The Tech.

TransGaming Technologies, which has been part of the Mac game porting business and currently enables Windows gaming on Linux with. No rebooting with Boot Camp and no Parallels software required to make these Cider-enhanced Windows games run on Mac. The only. ZerocarboN writes "With such current Mac publishers as Aspyr and He added that TransGaming has no plans to license Cider to other.

Games Published By Transgaming GPG On the Mac App Store. Finally, while this acquisition will undoubtedly be a big deal for NVIDIA's efforts.

"We're thrilled that TransGaming's Cider engine will dramatically decrease the time it will take to bring EA's hit portfolio of games to a thirsty Mac. NVIDIA has purchased the Cider division from Transgaming. allow the EVE Online client, which is Windows/DirectX-only, to run on the Mac. Transgaming, a company that facilitates the multi-platform development of games , has announced that EA Sports' FIFA Soccer 12 has been.

Software portability developer TransGaming has announced the launch of GameTree Online, a digital distribution portal for Mac video games. TransGaming and Nvidia have "joined forces" to "bring top tier video games to the Intel-based Macintosh platform using TransGaming's Cider. All of those "games" that Electronic Arts pledged to bring to the Mac? Well, they're not doing it alone, they've got some help. Transgaming, the.

Hi guys, I just got a Mac (I'm sorry, I'll get a gaming PC when I can afford one). I got Skyrim to work on it with wine but I'm trying to add mods.

TransGaming Inc. (TSX-V:TNG), a global leader in delivering debut on the Mac platform as METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE is now. The now-defunct Transgaming opted to include a constant online connection for the action game. As you might have known, Transgaming/Gametree Mac's Jade Empire SE stopping working past Mac OSX Leopard. My solution is to.

So what's the deal with SecuROM on the Transgaming/Cider ports? Having I like the idea of supporting mac gaming but this kind of DRM is a.

TransGaming's Mac enablement engine is used by many of the world's leading gaming publishers to bring some of their most popular titles to.

Players who purchased "Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance" for Mac are would require verification from Transgaming, the developers behind.

Solved: The Unknown Error message is now affecting a huge amount of Mac users I thought for sure it worked but when I go into the transgaming>Program .

It seems Metal Gear Rising's Mac port was developed by Transgaming, who included DRM that required a constant online connection.

TransGaming and NCsoft are teaming up to bring the ultimate battle between superheroes and supervillains to the Apple Macintosh. Transgaming has announced Cider, their WINE-based gaming virtualization for Intel Macs. This is similar to their previous Cedega software. Some good news ? RSS&NewsID= Ubisoft makes Mac migration Ubisoft and.

To bring Guild Wars 2 to the Mac, ArenaNet worked with our partners at TransGaming, whose Cider technology allows us to mirror the game.

For instance, each of the new Mac games announced thus far will be converted using TransGaming's Cider engine, which —unlike direct. It's official: The Mac App Store is here, and with it has come a whole host of games for the Mac connoisseur. In the flurry of opening day, one game stood out to. It is currently unknown if this impact other Transgaming Mac ports. Since this news broke, Valve has officially removed the Mac version of Metal.

"I'm truly happy to announce that we will be introducing the official Mac version very soon. Thanks to the undivided support from TransGaming. Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes (), (Mac Development by TransGaming Inc.) The Sims 3: World Adventures (), (Mac Development by TransGaming. Digital Download City of Heroes Mac Special Edition (Graphic: Business Wire) The game has been enabled for the Mac by TransGaming.

TeamViewer's Mac and Linux versions are based on Wine. Until their demise, TransGaming used a proprietary version of Wine called Cider to do their gaming . Nancy Drew Launches on Apple Mac For First Time Ever Using TransGaming's Technology. BELLEVUE, WA, May 13, – Her Interactive, the leading. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to look into using Transgaming's Cider technology to create a Mac version of this game that will.

iLounge + Mac spotlighting the TransGaming Metal Gear Rising - Revengeance. Find more cool new Apps for Macs.

Star Trek Online was developed for the Macintosh using something called Cider, a technology developed by TransGaming. TransGaming has. Gaming on the Mac got some good news at WWDC '07, but it may be Instead, EA will make use of technology licensed from TransGaming. I came across this article (click here ( -transgaming-launch-league-legend-mac) to see the article).

Still about making games for Apple Mac, but this time I was talking with Transgaming, who convert PC games to Mac for large publishers and. TransGaming, the developer of the Cider Portability Engine, has launched a new digital game distribution platform for Macs. Ported to the Mac by TransGaming, the three games are Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

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